2012 - Hiking in Sandia Mountains, New Mexico

Day Hiking trails around the Sandia Mountains of Albuquerque, both east and west sides

January 2012

Tramway, Embudito, Domingo Baca, and Old LaLuz trails

Febuary 2012

Embudo, Embudito, Domingo Baca, Three Gun Springs, Pino and Piedra Lisa trails

March 2012

Embudo and 365 Foothills trails

April 2012

Pino and Piedra Lisa trails

May 2012

Tree Spring, Tramway, Embudito, and Armijo-Faulty trails

June 2012

Cienega trail, Embudo trail, Tree Spring trail, The Crest trail (from the Tram station to Crest House) and The Crest trail (from the Crest House to Tree Spring overlook), 10K North trail, and an all-day adventure hiking down La Luz trail from the Tram station

Wildflowers in June at Sandia Crest

The Tram Station on top of Sandia Crest... viewed from the Kiwanis cabin, 1.8 miles away on the Crest Trail. In the background you can see the east side of the Sandias.


Hiking Down La Luz - a 5+ hour adventure!

We arrived at the Tram station at 8:45am, bought tickets for the first flight up to the Crest at 9am, then started down.

Our group of able hikers headed down at 9:30am. The trail passes through 5 different climate zones, forest and boulder fields, for over 9 miles before ending at the Sonoran desert terrain at the bottom.

Giant spruce, and aspens

The spectacular views were more than we had imagined !!! We finished the hike in just over 5 hours and it was an adventure we will all never forget. I highly recommend this hike to anyone in good condition.


Cienega and 10K Trails on the east side of Sandias

July 2012

Tree Spring Trail, Crest Trail, Pino Trail, South Crest-Faulty trails, and 10k South Trail

August 2012

North Crest trail, 10K trail South, and Tree Spring-Crest- Cienega Loop

September 2012

North Mystery trail and North Piedra Lisa trail

October 2012

Pino Trail

November 2012

No Hikes!

December 2012

No Hikes!