2011 - Adventures Topside

Hiking in the Albuquerque area and the Sandia Mts:

This map shows most of the trails that we hike with our group.Click on the map to see a full sized view. The Dark Green area is Sandia Mt. There are no roads on the west side of the mountain, only hiking trails. Access to the top is from these trails, the tram, or the one road on the backside (east) of the mountain shown in black lines. The Red Arrrow points at the Tram station.

January, 2011

Embudito trail, M. Emery foothills, Domingo Baca trail, westside Volcanoes, 3 Gun Springs trail

Ron standing on top of one of the volcanoes on the westside of Albuquerque. These volcanoes are actually volcanic plugs which oozed lava for hundreds of years. They are dormant and belong to the cities Open Spaces parks.

I continued to lead hikes every Wednesday of 3-5 miles with a group here in Albuquerque. Attendance ranged from 3-16 hikers. Other days during the month, I hiked alone exploring new trails for future group hikes or I hiked with Ron on his day off.

Trucks from the filming crew of the tv show "Breaking Bad" took over the parking lot at Embudito trail on Jan 26th. Luckily they let us cut through to hike the trail.

February 2011

Hiking in the Albuquerque area and the Sandia Mts: Foothills trail

March 2011

Hiking Foothills trail to the tram station, La Luz trail, Embudito trail, and 3 Gun Springs Trail

May 2011

Hiking Domingo Baca for Mother's Day, and Pino Trail

All trails were closed during the summer due to FIRE danger, so no hiking. boo

Sept 2011

Hiking M. Emery Park

Oct 2011

Hiking Foothills trail 365, Embudo, Domingo Baca, and La Luz trails

La Luz trail leads from the foothills all the way to the top of Sandia Peak, almost 8 miles in length due to switchbacks. Elevation starts at 6091' and reaches 10,300' at the Tram station. Today's hike we made it almost halfway up before returning back down the trail to our car.

Ron and I both took lots of photos!

Nov 2011

Hiking on Embudito trail, Tramway trail, and Pino trail

Dec 2011

365 Foothills trail, Tramway trail, Elena Galegos Park, LaLuz trail, and Snowshoeing on the Crest