Scuba Club Cozumel, April 2010
Trip Report, Photos, & Videos


This was our second trip to Scuba Club Cozumel and it turned out to be our favorite trip anywhere in the past several years! Diving was fantastic, SCC was fantastic, and the company was fantastic. We made lots of new friends, too.

We are not going to repeat details about the resort as our trip report last year covered it pretty well. This trip report we will just concentrate on the diving and people we met this trip.

Diving: We found the diving to be 100% better than last year for several reasons. Number one reason - the reefs just seemed to have improved immensely! Last year we didn't see as many colorful sponges or soft coral and sea fans. This year the color was more evident and though some reefs still showed hurricane damage, sand and dead spots, most of the reefs seemed to be alive again and thriving. Another huge improvement was the fishlife. I don't know why, but last year we thought most of the reefs seemed to be vacant, not much fishlife or not much diversity. We didn't see very many grouper or trumpetfish - this year was the exact opposite! Reefs were teeming with life and we saw huge fish on every reef, like the rainbow parrotfish, midnight parrotfish, grouper of all types, huge turtles, and nurse sharks. (last year we saw not one nurse shark and only 2 turtles)

Scuba Club dive operations: Last year we had an issue with the dive op at SCC. We arrived mid-week and it seemed we were the odd-man-out with boats and dive schedules. This year we arrived on Saturday and though the resort was close to full with some big groups, there were also individuals and small groups. Boats were assigned for the week and everything ran smoothly. We were assigned to Reef Star, one of the largest boats, along with a few small groups and a few individuals. We had 2 DMs and we were broken down into 2 groups. Though there seemed to be alot of divers, it really never seemed crowded on our boat and everyone got along so well we loved every minute together. The crew was also awesome and took very good care of all the divers and our camera gear was handled impeccably. We had asked the crew not to put our cameras in the rinse tank, we would take care of it, and they followed our instructions every time. They also let us jump in on the side and then handed the cameras to us off the back as we drifted by. Worked like a charm! The boat was always alert to divers surfacing this trip and we were never floating at the surface long before the boat was on its way to pick us up. I can't say enough good things about how well the whole dive op worked this trip! We signed up for an extra boat dive one afternoon, to the C-53 wreck. There were only 7 divers signed up so we took a smaller boat, the Observer. Two DMs were there and we were split into 2 groups. Our DM for the week, Geiser, was our DM and took both of us with one other person into the water first. We toured the outside of wreck then went inside, returning to outside again as Group 2 entered. Once again, the whole process ran smoothly.

Food: The food at SCC is outstanding as a whole, but this week we found it to be absolutely fabulous and even with our active diving schedule we still gained a few pounds. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were wonderful as was the staff that knew your names the first day and what you liked. Fiesta Night was on Thursday - a beach party filled with Mexican food and drinks, a pinata, and great friends.

Robin's Videos: Cozumel 2010

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topside photos:

underwater photos:

Sunday, April 25th, 2010: Palancar Gardens, Villa Blanca Wall, and SCC shore dive

Monday, April 26th, 2010: Columbia Bricks, Punta Tunich, C-53 wreck, and night shore dive

photos from C-53 and night dive

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010: Paseo del Cedral, Paradise reef, and SCC shore dive

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010: Palancar Caves, Tormentos reef, and night shore dive

Thursday, April 29th, 2010: Santa Rosa Wall, Chankanaab reef, and SCC shore dive

Friday, April 30th, 2010: SCC shore dives

Our dive profile for the week

Dive Day Site Max Depth Time
1 Saturday Checkout - shore 23' 35min
2 Sunday Palancar Gardens Reef 68' 46min
3 Villa Blanca Wall 58' 50min
4 House reef - shore 23' 77min
5 Monday Columbia Bricks 83' 42min
6 Punta Tunich 77' 50min
7 C-53 wreck 71' 44min
8 Night dive - shore 23' 49min
9 Tuesday Paseo del Cedral 78' 39min
10 Paradise Reef 41' 65min
11 House reef - shore 23' 87min
12 Wednesday Palancar Caves 87' 43min
13 Tormentos Reef 55' 56min
14 Night - shore 23' 63min
15 Thursday Santa Rosa Wall 83' 46min
16 Chankanaab reef 49' 59min
17 House reef - shore 23' 81min
18 Friday House reef - shore 23' 57min
19 House reef - shore 23' 73min

Scuba Club Cozumel